Fox's Aftershow Parody 'What Just Happened' Adds Co-Host, House Band (Exclusive)

Comedian Taylor Tomlinson and Best Coast will join host Fred Savage to break down a fictional sci-fi drama.
Will Navarro/Bernstein Associates via Getty Images
Taylor Tomlinson

Fox's summer parody of TV aftershows, What Just Happened??!, has added a co-host in Taylor Tomlinson and a house band in indie darlings Best Coast.

The comedy/talk show hybrid, hosted by Fred Savage, is set to premiere June 30 and will break down the events in a fake drama series, The Flare, based on a fictitious book series that Savage has "loved" since he was a child. 

Tomlinson will serve as Savage's co-host, joining in the dissection of The Flare. She's featured on the Netflix stand-up series The Lineup and has appeared on The Tonight Show and Conan. Tomlinson was also a finalist on Last Comic Standing in 2015.

Best Coast (Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno) formed in 2009 and have released three full-length studio albums along with a collection of kids' songs in 2018. The duo are currently at work on their fourth studio release.

What Just Happened??! is the brainchild of Savage and co-creators Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein (Life in Pieces). The show will include in-studio interviews with celebrity guests, visits to the set of The Flare and discussions with the show's "cast."

The Flare, which, again, is not a real show, revolves around a solar event and the effects it has on Earth, centering on a small town in Illinois. The story, based on the also not-real book series The Moon Is the Sun at Night, eventually unfolds into a postapocalyptic battle for survival.

Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier helped make aftershows a thing with Talking Dead and its offshoots when he was at AMC. What Just Happened??! joins BH90210, a meta-reboot of Fox's 1990s teen soap Beverly Hills, 90210, on the newly independent network's summer lineup. 

Savage, Jeser and Silverstein executive produce with David A. Hurwitz, Jen Patton and Adam Lowitt. Writers on the series include Abbey McBride, Edgar Momplaisir, Chase Mitchell, Agathe Panaretos and Sean O’Connor. Jon Cassar serves as a director on The Flare, while Carrie Havel will helm the talk show. The nine-episode series comes from the now Disney-owned 20th Century Fox TV, where Savage is under an overall deal.