Fox's 'Wild Blue' Pilot Adds 'Battle: LA,' 'Carrie Diaries' and 'Damages' Actors

Rothhaar Salatin Miller Split - H 2013
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Three actors are headed to The Wild Blue.

Will Rothhaar (Battle: Los Angeles), Josh Salatin (The Carrie Diaries) and Alano Miller (Damages) have been tapped to star in the Fox drama pilot from Justified executive producer Taylor Elmore, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

ER, The West Wing and Top Gun collide in this young ensemble about the working men and women on board a U.S. aircraft carrier. Equipped with a 500-foot landing strip, a nuclear reactor and 6,000 souls on board, the drama is an upstairs/downstairs look at pressure-cooker lives of the U.S. Navy.    

Rothhaar will play James Kincaid, considered part of the Oklahoma working class. He is enlisted and thus a low man on the totem pole of the ship's hierarchy. Hardworking and loyal, he finds himself wrongly accused of sabotaging the firing mechanisms onboard the planes and putting pilots at risk.

Salatin has signed on as Derek "Vandal" Frehley, good-looking, charming and arrogant. Ambitious and wily, he knows how to win people over, but always with his own self-interest in mind. He feels the weight of his father's bad reputation and dark history following him and marking him.

Miller will play Joaquin Tate, a recently-promoted NCO (non-commissioned officer), which means he is in a position of power over his best friend James, which leads to tension over time.

Elmore will write and co-executive produce. Graham Yost, Mark Johnson and Michael Dinner are EPs. Melissa Bernstein is co-EP. Dinner will direct.

Rothhaar is repped by Innovative Artists and Sanders Armstrong Casterta Management. Salatin is repped by UTA and Group Entertainment (TGE). Miller is repped by Abrams Artists Agency.

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