'Fringe' Star Joshua Jackson Open to Shortened Fifth Season, TV Movie (Video)

The fate of Fringe has been a heated topic of discussion for the past several seasons. Now in the often dreaded Friday home for the fourth season, the network faces another dilemma in regards to the future of the low-rated, mythology-driven show.

On Sunday, Fox chief Kevin Reilly was frank when talking about Fringe, which by fourth season's end will have broadcast 87 episodes, being cost-ineffective. The network “lose[s] a lot of money on that show. At that rating, on that night, it’s impossible to make money … and we’re not in the business of losing money," he told reporters at the Television Critics Assoc. press tour.

At the network's all-star party that night, Joshua Jackson understood Reilly's position on the matter -- and addressed what season 5 could possibly look like.

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"Look, I'd rather not get canceled but it we did get canceled, so long as they have enough time to properly finish the story that to me is the most important thing," he tells The Hollywood Reporter. "Even though Kevin Reilly had very honest things to say about the show, I get it, it's a money-making business and if we're not making that money then we don't deserve to be on the air."

When asked if an alternate solution -- be it a television movie or a shortened fifth effort -- to the traditional 22-episode season presented itself if it meant Fringe would continue, Jackson seemed all for it.

"Yea, however the story needs to end or whatever they put together as the ending, whether it's at the end of season 4, whether it's a TV movie. They've talked about doing graphic novels; whatever it is, I just want it to properly end," he said.

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Fringe returns for the second half of its season Friday and Jackson, who may be headed up to Sundance to promote Lay the Favorite, offered some nuggets on what to expect.

"Peter is a very confused man. I think in the next few couple of weeks, you're going to see him continue to find his way back home and continue to be a foil to Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) as she comes to understand herself," Jackson says.

He added: "We basically blow our show up every year and put it back together in a different permutation. I think it's brave of these guys. It's not often rewarded but our fans seem to have stuck with us so far."

Fringe airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on Fox.