'Fringe': John Noble Previews 'Massive' Two-Part Season Finale (Video)

Now that Fringe will return for a fifth and final round, what better way to celebrate than with a preview of this year's big season closer.

"It's massive," John Noble told The Hollywood Reporter at the THR Cover Lounge. "It deals with the great question that has been postured over four years: Are we capable or do we have a moral right to behave like gods? Do we have a right then to discard all the mistakes that have been made and recreate another universe?"

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The cult show has been dealing with philosophical issues all series long and even hinted at the potential death of series heroine Olivia. "Olivia, it's been said for weeks -- or months, frankly -- that Olivia is going to die," Noble says, "and it's sitting over us like a cloud and we have to deal with that. It has to be resolved and it is resolved."

Though he wouldn't go into detail, Noble did acknowledge that when the two-part finale airs (May 4 and 11), the six principal characters -- Peter, Olivia, Walter, Astrid, Nina and Broyles -- will come together in some form.

"They've been disparate all this season and now they're brought back into some form you can either stop at or go ahead from," he teased.

Fringe airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on Fox.