'Fringe': Peter and Olivia Plan for the Future, Bring Up Baby Talk (Exclusive Video)

Fringe Noble Jackson Torv Brave New World Part 1 - H 2012

Fringe Noble Jackson Torv Brave New World Part 1 - H 2012

Fringe’s two-part season finale is here.

In the first hour of the season four closer, airing Friday, Peter (Josh Jackson) and Olivia (Anna Torv) share a sweet moment in bed, presumably before chaos ensues, in an exclusive scene from "Brave New World: Part 1" to The Hollywood Reporter.

The reunited couple runs down a list of Massachusetts cities (Lexington, Medford among the lucky towns) they could move to and settle down in, but knowing how the Fringe universe operates, that won’t be happening any time soon.

At one point during the early morning conversation, Olivia brings up chatter about a nursery (a baby?!), which surprises Peter. And rightly so. It was several episodes ago that Olivia and Peter weren’t remotely on the same wavelength to even introduce such a topic.

In one of the scene’s funnier moments, Peter shares an anecdote about how Walter (John Noble) made his Labrador non-allergenic since he was allergic when he was younger.

With talk of babies, moving and starting a new chapter together, how much are you rooting for Peter and Olivia to get their happy ending?

When John Noble visited the THR Cover Lounge, he said that the series' hinting of Olivia’s impending death will be addressed in the two-parter. "Olivia, it's been said for weeks -- or months, frankly -- that Olivia is going to die," Noble said, "and it's sitting over us like a cloud and we have to deal with that. It has to be resolved and it is resolved."

Watch the scene below:

Fringe airs its two-part finale beginning May 4 at 9 p.m. on Fox.