'Fringe': Broyles Returns, Lance Reddick Teases 'Shocking' Development (Exclusive Video)

Fringe Lance Broyles - H 2012

Fringe Lance Broyles - H 2012

Broyles is back in the Fringe fray -- and boy, was he missed.

"His return is going to be exciting because when he shows back everybody is going to be reminded of episode 19 [of season four] and where he was then," Reddick tells The Hollywood Reporter. "People will be curious to find out who's side he's on." THR has an exclusive scene from the latest episode, "The Bullet That Saved the World," showing a tense meeting between Broyles and Captain Windmark (Steve Kopsas) discussing a security failure that Broyles' was not informed about.

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Though Reddick remained coy about Broyles' true intentions and what's really going on in that head of his, The Wire alum teased that "he's back doing what he was doing" in last season's flashforward. "It's been interesting to see how torn he is. His loyalty is always to humanity, the question is, how is that best served?" Reddick says. "We've already established that there is already an underground movement (aka the Resistance). The question is: How does Broyles really feel about that?"

He adds: "Which way he decides to go, and how he decides to help in whatever capacity he thinks is best is going to be what's most interesting for Broyles this season."

Reddick called the moment Broyles is reunited with the members of the team "emotional," comparing the reunion to a touching season two episode that had the head of Fringe division admit that Olivia, Walter and Peter are "like family to me."

"It's like coming across family that you thought were dead for 25 years," Reddick says of Friday's scene. "When everyone sees him again, he doesn't show up by accident."

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For Reddick, the standout moment from the episode was the reunion: "That was the scene, that was great."

Viewers beware, Friday's episode will have devastating consequences, which will be dealt with further the following week. "Fans are going to be shocked," Reddick says with a laugh, "that's all I can say. It's shocking."

When it comes down to brass tax, he gave a big hint to the "shocking" development: "It rocks the Resistance and it rocks the Fringe team to the core emotionally."

A death, perhaps? "I can neither confirm nor deny." Handled like a pro.

Watch the exclusive scene from "The Bullet That Saved the World":

Fringe airs 9 p.m. Fridays on Fox.

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