'Full Frontal' Spoofs 'Riverdale' to Highlight Importance of Vaccination

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee-Riverdale Spoof-Publicity Still -H 2019
Courtesy of TBS

Samantha Bee turned to Archie and Jughead to highlight the cool factor in vaccination in a Wednesday segment on teens getting shots in spite of their parents' beliefs.

During an interview with a teen who self-educated on vaccinating without his parents' consent, Bee noted, "So in this case, teens rebelling against their parents is a good thing — like on Riverdale!" Despite her interview subject's protest, the show then launched into a Riverdale parody called "Full Fronterdale" that was set in a high school hall lined with lockers. Clad in a cheerleader outfit, Bee (called "Samantha") was approached by Archie, one of the Netflix show's heartthrob characters, and noticed he had a band-aid on his arm.

"Oh my god, Archie, are you hurt?" she asked.

"The opposite, actually; I got vaccinated," he responded.

Bee's character then explained her parents don't "approve" of getting shots, but was soon convinced by her friend that it was "cool." "Maybe it is bad to get diseases from the Middle Ages," she said.

Jughead also makes an appearance in the parody, typing away on a typewriter and narrating the segment, while Archie is surrounded by female friends who agree that vaccination is "hot" and "cool." The health care conversation takes place before a "football and singing competition."