'Fuller House': The 16 Biggest Callbacks to Original Series

Fuller House Still - H 2016
Michael Yarish/Netflix

Fuller House Still - H 2016

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from the series premiere of Fuller House.]

Flashback Friday, indeed. Netflix dropped the entire first season of sequel series Fuller House Friday at midnight, and the latest incarnation had more than a few nods to the original ABC family sitcom that ran from 1987-1995.

None were more glaring than the nostalgia-friendly credits. In addition to the catchy new take on the show's beloved original theme song, now sung by Carly Rae Jepsen, the credits mix in old images of Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber from various openers throughout the show's eight-year-run with new photos of the now grown-up leading ladies.

"I always felt like this show is really unique in that we raised these kids and how fun is it to be able to take those shots that we have of them and watch them grow up again and now here they are as young women. Other shows can't do that," creator Jeff Franklin tells The Hollywood Reporter. "I wanted to remind the audience every [episode] that these little girls grew up in front of America."

But the flashback fun doesn't stop there. The premiere episode of the new series is filled with inside jokes, beloved songs and  yes  even a close relative of beloved dog Comet to make viewers feel right at home at the Tanner turned Fuller household.

Fore those who might not be as familiar with the original  and in the name of #FBF  THR has compiled a handy list of all the nods, call backs and and full-on copy cats from the original.

1. The original credits The show wastes no time, literally, traveling back in time to the original credits from 1987  particularly hilarious since that means the show opens on a shot of Michelle, played by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the only castmembers who have yet to reprise their roles in the sequel. And only in the pilot episode do the new and improved credits feature returning guest stars John Stamos, Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, Lori Loughlin, Scott Weinger and Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit (twins Nicky and Alex) recreating their old opening credit sequences. (We're still confused about why Danny is holding a football since it's kind of a dirty sport.)

2. Elvis Some things never change, like Uncle Jesse driving everyone crazy with all of his references to The King. Thankfully, the shot of baby Tommy wearing an Elvis-inspired jumpsuit complete with a cape is fairly brief.

3. Joey's Voices There was never a question about whether or not Joey would pick up his trademark cartoon voices, it was just a question of when  a question answered pretty quickly in the first episode, with Bullwinkle leading the charge. But do kids today know who or what Bullwinkle is?

4. Joey's Wardrobe What's worse: Joey still wearing the same Bugs Bunny pajamas or his old short-sleeved collared shirts that look straight out of 1987?

5. Wake Up, San Francisco It's not mentioned specifically by name but it is revealed that Danny and Becky are moving to Los Angeles to star in their own nationally syndicated morning show appropriately called, Wake Up, USA! 21 years later and having raised five kids between them, and they're still bickering about whose name comes first. Some things never change.

6. "Hola Tanneritos" Kimmy's signature catchphrase are the first words out of her mouth on the new series. Now that D.J.'s married name is Fuller, does that mean in other episodes Kimmy will be changing her tune to "Hola Fulleritos"? That remains to be seen, but she also lives in the house now so maybe such a greeting is no longer needed?

7. "How Rude" With Kimmy comes Kimmy's smelly feet which are, sadly, sans colorful socks in her first scene. But that doesn't stop her from putting them on the kitchen table as everyone else eats breakfast, much to the annoyance of Stephanie, who has no choice but to whip out her signature catchphrase in protest.

8. "Have Mercy" Jesse can't let the girls have all the fun, but at least he finds a way to slip in his catchphrase in a more subtle fashion when the guys are, jokingly, trying to decide whether to "ground" D.J. and Stephanie for messing up the curtains.

9. Mr. Woodchuck Of course Joey Gladstone never leaves home without his beaver puppet that also served as his trusty sidekick to his Ranger Joe character on his afternoon kids' TV show.

10. New Kids on the Block Although the boy band hit their peak during Full House's early seasons, it didn't figure too prominently into the series. However, in real life, stars Bure and Barber are longtime fans, as proved by footage of them breaking out the group's same famed dance moves at off-screen cast reunions and even went to an NKOTB concert together in 2013 and yes, they got to meet the band, natch.

11. Comet Jr. Jr. Unlike that other highly anticipated Netflix revival, there was no way to feasibly  bring back Comet 21 years after the show went off the air, when Comet was well into his doggy life. So instead, now Steve is taking care of Comet Jr. Jr and, after the birth of his litter in his background, D.J. is now the owner of Comet Jr. Jr. Jr.

12. "Forever" Jesse's saccharine-soaked ballad was not only his and Becky's wedding song  after he sky-dived on their wedding day and almost missed the whole thing  it was also the biggest radio hit of his career when it charted in Japan in 1992. Of course, Jesse couldn't make an appearance without singing the tune, but sadly, this call-back did not feature any footage from his hilariously cheesy music video for the song, which caused a serious candle drought at Pier One Imports in the '90s.

13. "Wild Thing" The next cover is no coincidence either. A favorite of Jesse and the Rippers, it was also the song D.J., Stephanie, Michelle and Kimmy were jamming out to when Kimmy borrows her brother's wheels  yes, the one with the zebra-print upholstery. Kimmy had the brilliant idea of playing "Ring Around the Chevy" to taunt some car-less classmates and the girls were subsequently locked out.

14. "Cut It Out" Come on  need we say more?

15. Steve's Appetite Sure, his love for free food and ability to consume a ton without gaining a pound was funny in high school. Now, D.J. already has three hungry and growing boys to feed so if she does decide to pick things up again with Steve, she want to try to curb those eating habits so he doesn't eat away at the family budget too much.

16. The Flintstones This one's pretty clear too, thanks to the producers' idea to sync the new footage of the group singing the theme song to the crying baby with the same footage from the original pilot.