Melissa Joan Hart Reunites With Her 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch' Co-Star (Video)

Melissa Joan Hart Headshot - 2011

Melissa Joan Hart isn't above poking a little fun at her past roles. 

The former Clarissa Explains It All star spoofed her other popular role, Sabrina The Teenage Witch in a new video for Funny Or Die.

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In the clip, the actress reunites with her on-screen counterpart, Salem the cat for lunch to catch up. But, then Salem (voiced by Nick Bakay) goads Hart into performing magic...and things get out of hand. 

Morphing into power-crazed version of her witch character, Hart begins accosting the restaurant's patrons with "magic." 

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When a little boy tries to get in on the fun by pointing his fork at her and using a popular Harry Potter phrase "Expelliarmus" (which in the books and movies disarms a fellow wizard), Hart throws a cup at him. 

Watch the full spoof below.