FX's 'Fargo' Pushes Release Date Due to Coronavirus Crisis

Noah Hawley, Chris Rock, Jason Schwartzman_Fargo TCA - Getty - H 2020
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Fargo will no longer premiere as initially planned.

Amid growing coronavirus concerns, FX has announced the fourth installment of the Noah Hawley franchise will be delayed indefinitely. The season, set in 1950s Kansas City and starring Chris Rock as the head of a major crime family, was supposed to bow with its first two episodes April 19, with eight additional installments rolling out weekly from there.

On Thursday, the network joined a chorus of others in announcing it would be stopping production on the Chicago-based season, which left the high-profile project two episodes shy of completion. Now, FX brass have decided not to risk rolling out an unfinished series, particularly given the lack of clarity surrounding the pandemic and its effects. 

The prestige series was expected to be a key piece of FX’s Emmy campaign, with Fargo likely once again to be a strong contender in the ultra-competitive limited series category. In order to be Emmy eligible for the 2020 awards, a limited series will need to have aired 150 minutes — or three to four episodes, depending on run times — by the Academy’s May 31 deadline. Though FX has not landed on a new date, it is likely to fall later this year and far outside of the voting window.

While Fargo marks the first major TV series to push its release plans, it is hardly the only project to be impacted. In recent days, the pandemic has had a swift and substantial impact on the entertainment industry at large, with production halted across the spectrum and major box office releases being pushed for the foreseeable future.