Gal Gadot Locks Lips With Kate McKinnon in 'SNL' Wonder Woman Skit

Gal Gadot strapped up the sandals of Princess Diana of Themyscira on this weekend's installment of NBC's Saturday Night Live for a sketch that spoofed her summer blockbuster, Wonder Woman.

As Gadot sparred with her fellow Amazonian warriors, a rowboat came ashore with castmembers Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant aboard, very excited to have found the lost island of Themyscira.

As it turned out, McKinnon and Bryant were lesbians who came to the island looking for companionship, but unfortunately for them the women of the island were not on the same page.

"It's like we're in a porn, but the plumber is just genuinely there to fix the pipes," Bryant said as two Amazons wrestled with one another, unaware of any sexual implications.

Gadot, however, was willing to experiment and planted a long kiss on McKinnon. "I felt nothing," Gadot said once her lips were unlocked from McKinnon.

Spurned but undeterred, McKinnon and Bryant left to set sail for the nearby isle of Lesbos.

The skit wasn't the only reference to Gadot's role as Wonder Woman on Saturday's show. The star opened the show by nodding to her summer blockbuster role in her monologue as SNL castmember Leslie Jones joined her onstage in full Wonder Woman apparel — though Jones' hero was from Times Square.

"I have a lasso that makes people tell the truth," said Gadot, to which Jones responded, "Bitch, I've got vodka."

Later on in the show, Gadot's sketches included a date with O.J. Simpson (Kenan Thompson), though she was unaware of who she was dining with and why he would receive a plastic knife.

The show also poked fun at the Kardashian/Jenner clan in a fake ad for E! shows centered on the famous family. Gadot starred as Kendall Jenner in Kendall's Model House, in which the model found herself lost in her own home.

The actress also starred in a sketch in which she teased a hallucinating Thompson lost in the desert, and in a Cinderella spoof in which she was gifted a less-than-luxurious gown by a group of well-meaning mice.