'Game of Thrones' Season 2: New Trailer Previews Comets, Dragons and War (Video)

Jon Snow
Oliver Upton

Kit Harington's Jon Snow will move beyond the Wall alongside the Night's Watch.

HBO continues to up the tension for the upcoming second season of Game of Thrones, with a new promo offering a more details on the impending war in Westeros.

The new nearly two-minute clip, released late Friday via HBO Go, offers a deeper look at what's to come in the upcoming sophomore season of the fantasy drama based on the best-sellers by George R.R. Martin.

Here are the 10 best lines from the new promo:

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1. "Sometimes those with the most power have the least grace."

2. "The war of five kings they're calling it; nothing matters but how it ends."

3. "The time to strike is now, the Starks fight the Lannisters, the Baratheons fight each other."

4. "The Iron Throne is mine, by right."

5. "You have inherited your father's responsibilities -- they come at a cost."

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6. "The comet means one thing, boy: dragons."

7. "They will hit us in force and they won't run away when we hit back."

8. "You want to lead one day? Well learn how to follow."

9. "When my dragons are grown, we will lay waste to armies and burn cities to the ground!"

10. "The king is a lost cause; it's the rest of us I'm worried about now."

Who are you most looking forward to seeing in Season 2? Game of Thrones returns April 1 on HBO.

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