Week in 'Game of Thrones': Angela Lansbury Is Not Heading to Westeros

But Jim Broadbent is! Plus, Jon Snow scores some "Tenacious" victories.
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Murder, she won't.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Angela Lansbury won't be joining Game of Thrones after all. Whispers of the erstwhile Jessica Fletcher's involvement with the show spread like wildfire through King's Landing over the last week, only to be snuffed by Lansbury's representatives. (If only Lancel were as quick.) This is dreadful news for anyone hoping to see the veteran Murder, She Wrote star playing a time-displaced Future Cersei, sent back into her past to do battle against her younger self and Dianna Riggs' Queen of Thorns.

Here are some of the other biggest stories lurking in the Game of Thrones space this week:

** What Thrones lacks in Lansbury, it makes up for in Broadbent... Jim Broadbent, to be precise. Much as he did in the Harry Potter series, Broadbent is joining this decidedly different fantasy franchise at a similar point in the story: the penultimate chapter. But who is he playing? We speculated on some possibilities earlier this week, with most signs pointing toward the Citadel.

** Is The Winds of Winter finally on the forecast? Earlier in the week, reports emerged that George R.R. Martin's sixth novel in the A Song of Ice and Fire series received a March 2017 release date through Amazon France. But Martin's reps have denied the rumors, meaning the world will have to keep on waiting for Winter to finally arrive.

** Not only is he a nominee, but Kit Harington will also serve as a presenter at the Emmy Awards this year. He's one of many of this year's nominees who will be presenting at the Emmys, with others including Keri Russell and Jeffrey Tambor.

** Here's some more good news for Harington: not only is Jon Snow the newly named King in the North, he's also the newly minted winner of the GOT Party, HBO's mock election between various different Westeros power players. The Snow-Mormont ticket beat out the likes of Daenerys-Tyrion, Littlefinger-Sansa and Cersei-Qyburn.

** Even better news for Jon Snow! As a prize for winning the GOT Party election, members of Jack Black and Kyle Gass' Tenacious D composed an epic victory song called "Ode to Snow." Listen below:

Watch our season seven predictions in the video below:

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