'Game of Thrones' App Gives Viewers Spoiler-Free Way to Read the Books

The HarperCollins app lets viewers read iconic passages — without fear of spoiling something they haven't seen in the show.

U.K. viewers of Game of Thrones who haven't read the books now have a way to delve into George R.R. Martin's literary world (without having to read thousands of pages).

Martin's U.K. publisher Harper Collins is releasing A Game of Thrones: Get into the Books app, available for Apple products, which will allow viewers to read iconic passages from the show — without risking spoilers.

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Fans put in what seasons of the show they have watched, as well as what books they have read, and the app helps them select parts from the books that would be appropriate (such as the Red Wedding). The app also comes with handy maps of the lands to give users more context.

Check out more details below: 

July 30,  10:02 a.m. Updated to clarify that this app is only available in the U.K.