'Game of Thrones': Arya Most-Tweeted About Ahead of Premiere

The young heroine tops the likes of Joffrey (No. 2) and Tyrion (No. 3) in a ranking of most buzzed-about character from the HBO hit.

Things may look grim for Arya Stark as Game of Thrones returns – but at least she's popular on Twitter.

The young heroine is the most-tweeted about character leading up to Sunday's season 4 premiere. She tops the No. 2 most-tweeted about character, Joffrey, by 100,000 tweets. Fan-favorite Tyrion comes at No. 3, with a little more than 57,000 tweets. And here's a shocker: Hodor (No. 8) bested Jon Snow (No. 9).

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The data comes from ListenFirst, which crunched the numbers for The Hollywood Reporter.  The firm looked at Twitter mentions across the main character/family names for March 5 to April 2.

While Daenerys comes in at No. 4, it's worth noting Khaleesi (No. 6), and Targaryen (No. 10) also made the top 10, so the chatter about the Mother of Dragons was quite high.

It's fitting that Arya reigns supreme, as actress Maisie Williams is also quite popular on social media herself. She recently told THR her rule for a good social media post: "Never post anything that is half-hearted. If you're trying to get a picture, no one wants to see your reflection in something. Get it perfect before you do it. For a Vine, get it perfect before you send it out. No one wants to see it half-done."

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Find the top-10 most tweeted about characters below.

1) Arya - 194,213

2) Joffrey - 94,865

3) Tyrion - 57,375

4) Daenerys - 54,809

5) Lannister - 53,340

6) Khaleesi - 51,299

7) Sansa - 39,611

8) Hodor - 36,974

9) Jon Snow - 35,117

10) Targaryen - 32,350

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Game of Thrones premieres Sunday at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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