Week in 'Game of Thrones': Daniel Radcliffe Wants a Role — But There's a Twist

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With the Wizarding World behind him, Daniel Radcliffe has his eye on a different fantasy world altogether.

Speaking with Digital Spy, the erstwhile Harry Potter star made it known that he wants a role on HBO's Game of Thrones. No, he's not coming after Kit Harington's job; Jon Snow is safe and sound, at least for now. According to Radcliffe, the actor doesn't even need a big part on the show, so long as he can share the same fate as so many other Westeros denizens.

"If they want to just bring me in and f—ing kill me," he said, "I would be so happy to do that."

There's always high demand for corpses on Game of Thrones, a character type that Radcliffe is more than a little bit used to thanks to his recent role in Swiss Army Man as a cadaver with superhuman abilities — gas-powered abilities, specifically. That would certainly be one way to cross the Narrow Sea.

Here are some of the other headlines from the week in Thrones:

After sweeping the Emmys in 2015, Game of Thrones continued its war march at this year's ceremony, earning best drama for its second year in a row, and helping HBO net 22 total Emmy wins this year. But Thrones won't be eligible for the Emmys next year, given its summer 2017 debut. With that in mind, THR asks: Without Thrones, can HBO keep its Emmy throne?

With a trip to Los Angeles for the Emmys behind him, George R.R. Martin is officially back in working mode. The author of A Song of Ice and Fire, the novel series on which Thrones is based, wrote a blog post about his experiences from attending the Emmy ceremony, turning 68 this past week, and more.

While he does not yet have an update on The Winds of Winter, the still-unpublished sixth book in his series, Martin provided hope for more Thrones during his appearance at the Emmys. Specifically, he reiterated his interest in a prequel TV series once Thrones ends its run, saying, "I do have thousands of pages of fake history — everything that led up to Game of Thrones — so there’s a wealth of material there, and I’m still writing more."

Given Doran Martell's unexpected demise in the season six premiere, actor Alexander Siddig would be forgiven for feeling raw toward Game of Thrones. But in an interview with StarTrek.com, the Deep Space Nine veteran made it clear that, more than anything, he's confused by his exit: "There was an enormous amount of fan excitement when I got named to be on the show, and everyone was like, 'Oh my God, yes, Doran Martell. He’s going to be great as Doran Martell.' That might have been the kiss of death. Maybe they didn’t want quite that much attention on that character. Maybe they thought, 'Well, let’s prove that we’re going to stray from the books. We’re going to do something else, and he will be our first example of that.' So maybe that could have been the case. Or maybe I just screwed up. Maybe I said the wrong thing to the wrong person."

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