'Game of Thrones' Finale: Tyrion Dominates Twitter Conversation

Data suggests West Coast fans may have avoided social media in order to remain spoiler-free.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead for Sunday's Game of Thrones season finale, "The Children"]

Game of Thrones' lit up Twitter like wildfire Sunday — and though the season four finale saw the Lannisters lose their head, the family was the big winner on Twitter.

Lannister characters were mentioned more than 100,000 times with Tyrion notching the most (45,509) and his Tywin coming in second at (26,539). The numbers are courtesy of ListenFirst Media.

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“In light of the many major plotlines, it’s no surprise that the Lannister Family dominated the conversation with over 100,000 mentions; what is surprising is the dominance of conversation originating from the eastern half of the country which accounted for 70% of the total Game of Thrones-related chatter," Jason Klein, Co-CEO/Co-Founder of ListenFirst Media, tells The Hollywood Reporter.

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Klein says the Western half of the U.S. was a little quieter than usual on Twitter, and has a theory why.

"Viewers in the Eastern Time Zone alone accounted for 42 percent of the overall conversation," he says. "This may be indicative of a spoiler-avoidance behavior from the western half of the country - a fear of logging in and seeing an Eastern Time Zone viewer already tweeting about Tyrion’s deadly rampage.”

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Here's the breakdown of the top 15, courtesy of ListenFirst:

Game of Thrones (475,943)*

Tyrion: (45,509)

Tywin: (26,539)

Lannister: (25,820)

Arya: (20,987)

The Children: (18,467)

Khaleesi: (13,268)

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Brienne (11,271)

The Hound (9,624)

Cersei (8,375)

Shae (8,159)

Jon Snow (8,164

Hodor (6,282)

Valarmorghulis (3,027)

Sansa (2,365)

*Includes 10 Hashtags/keywords related to the Game of Thrones title and mentions of the official @gameofthrones Twitter handle.

Also: All character name counts include character name keyword and hashtag.