'Game of Thrones': Five Questions About Telltale's Second Season

With season two of the video game series officially confirmed, it's time to start wondering how certain cliffhangers will resolve.
Courtesy of Telltale Games

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from the entire first season of Telltale's Game of Thrones series.]

When you play Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series, you win or you die — and sometimes the two aren't mutually exclusive.

Indeed, House Forrester's fate varies greatly depending on the choices players make throughout the first season of the narratively flexible video game series. Did you let Rodrik sacrifice himself for Asher during the penultimate episode, or vice versa? Did your version of Lady Mira dig her heels into the ground and resist Morgryn's marriage proposal, resulting in a swift beheading? Your mileage may and very likely does vary.

Still, with so many questions left up in the air at the end of the concluding chapter, "The Ice Dragon," there's room for resolution, since Telltale officially confirmed to THR that a second season of Game of Thrones is in the works … but confirmation of season two only comes equipped with more questions, such as the following five:

1. Which Forrester brother is still alive? 
In episode five, "A Nest of Vipers," the vicious Whitehills ambush Rodrik and Asher Forrester, forcing the player to leave one of the two playable characters to die. The final chapter of season one plays out in a wide range of ways depending on the choice, and that's just one two-hour adventure. What will an entire second season look like when players are making decisions for either Rodrik or Asher? It's a massive obstacle for Telltale, but a challenge that will undoubtedly increase the replay factor for season two. 

2. What will happen in King's Landing? 
Mira lives or dies depending on whether players are comfortable with her betraying Tom the coal boy, leaving the future of her storyline wide open for interpretation. Will Tom become a playable character in Mira's absence? Perhaps that honor will go to Sera, Mira's friend and fellow handmaiden. Then again, maybe there will be no King's Landing perspective at all — an alarming prospect, given all of the brutal back-dealing taking place in the capitol of the Seven Kingdoms.

3. What's the fate of the North Grove?
Throughout much of season one, House Forrester squire Gared Tuttle raced beyond the Wall in order to track down this mysterious location, fulfilling the dying wishes of the late Lord Gregor. Now that he's arrived, he's faced with the choice of holding down the fort, or enlisting the Grove's residents on a march toward Ironrath to save the Forresters. No matter the choice, players would be wise to heed Gregor's final words: "The North Grove must never be lost."

4. What's next for Beskha?
Regardless of whether Asher died, his fellow sell-sword and veritable big sister Beskha of Meereen remains an active presence in the Seven Kingdoms; in one play-through, she's last seen riding away alongside young Ryon Forrester, conjuring up memories of Osha the Wildling and Rickon Stark from the HBO series. Will Beskha share Osha's fate and fade away into relative obscurity, or will she become a major force in season two? Considering her status as a fan-favorite character, expect to see more of the surly, scarred warrior whenever Thrones returns, not less.

5. The biggest question comes in the form of one word: When?
Telltale has not gone into detail about when fans can expect a second season of Game of Thrones, only that it's on the way. If the game follows the pattern established by Telltale's The Walking Dead, it could be a year or more before players return to Westeros. Beyond the questions of release dates, there's the question of when the sequel will take place, too. Will it run alongside the events of seasons four and five of the HBO series, featuring new looks at the Battle of Hardhome and Stannis Baratheon's siege on Winterfell? It could also follow the unknown story set forth in the show's upcoming and enigmatic season six; it's easy to see Gared witnessing the magical resurrection of a certain Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, for example.

Whenever it arrives, and whenever it takes place, one thing is certain: Telltale's Game of Thrones, like winter, is coming back — it's just a matter of when the snow hits the field.