'Game of Thrones' Meets 'Princess Bride' in Epic Mashup (Video)

Sean Bean - Game of Thrones - P - 2011

The political intrigue and cruel justice of Game of Thrones isn’t quite as comforting as chicken soup and a warm bed for a sick boy.

In a mashup of epic proportions, The Princess Bride meets the HBO hit, with scenes of a young boy (Fred Savage) and his grandfather (Peter Falk) reading from George R.R. Martin's book as images from Thrones’ first season are shown onscreen.

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While The Princess Bride ends happily ever after, that's not the case with Thrones, which sees the noble Eddard Stark (Sean Bean )  repaid for his ideals by having his head lobbed off at the orders of the cruel Prince Joffrey Baratheon (Jack Gleeson).

"Wait. You read that wrong. What do you mean he’s dead? He’s only faking, right?" the boy asks when Grandpa gets to that part.

Nope, he's actually dead.

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But surely, someone kills the prince and repays his evil deeds?

Wrong again.

"What? You mean he wins?" the boy demands. “Jesus, Grandpa! What did you read me this thing for?"

And that's how a young boy learned there are things more upsetting than kissing and romance in an adventure book.