'Game of Thrones': 4 Ways to Handle Episode Withdrawal (Video)

The HBO hit takes a break until June before unleashing the final three episodes of season 4.
Courtesy of Helen Sloan/HBO

With Game of Thrones off this week, fans have to wait until June to return to Westeros.

Waiting is tough, so in the meantime, here are four things to tide you over.

1. Who will be in season five?

The Game of Thrones superfans at WinterIsComing.net have put together a guide of new characters who could conceivably show up next season. The takeaway? There'll be more Dornish characters introduced, which book readers will find to be a safe assumption.

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2. What's the science of Game of Thrones?

PBS Digital Studios and host Joe Hanson tackle the science behind dragons breathing fire and winter lasting for years in the video below.

3. See how the costumes are made.

Dragons and White Walkers take a lot of VFX magic, but what about the gritty details of making Cersei's gowns? The Hollywood Reporter recently caught up with the show's master embroiderer, Michele Carragher and designer Michele Clapton. See photos of their handywork here.

4. Speculate about the next episode.

We've offered theories on what's to come next. Click here to read our speculation and share your own predictions.

Game of Thrones returns June 1 at 9 p.m. on HBO.