'Game of Thrones' Director's Big Challenge: 'Every Single Scene Is So Nuanced'

Alik Sakharov also tells THR one of his stars was seriously sick while shooting a key scene, but "you would never" be able to tell.
Courtesy of Helen Sloan/HBO

Game of Thrones is gearing up for the home stretch, and director Alik Sakharov promises Sunday's episode will have plenty of layers for fans to dissect.

Sakharov, who also directed last week's massive trial of Tyrion, says his biggest challenge for this week's episode's was just how essentiail every scene is, each one "like a block that moves toward the other."

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"They are all very challenging because every single scene is so nuanced," he tells The Hollywood Reporter. "We feel like we need to play proper attention to every little turn and twist. Whatever is being asked for in the script. ... They are no throwaway, small scenes."

Sakharov can't reveal much more ahead of the episode, but he does say one of his stars was quite ill while shooting a key scene, but pulled it off valiantly: "You would never know he so he is sick. He is such a great actor."

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We'll have a full Q&A with Sakharov Sunday night. Until then, read our previous Q&A with him here, check out our theories of where the episode is headed here, and see our ranking of which Game of Thones characters are in the lead going into the episode.

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