'Game of Thrones': Peter Dinklage Reveals What The Mountain Eats for Dinner (Video)

Peter Dinklage Daily Show - H 2015
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It takes a lot of protein to make a man into a mountain. On Game of Thrones, The Mountain (Hafthór Júli´s Björnsson) proved to be an unstoppable force last season, and Peter Dinklage (Tyrion) reveals chicken may be part of the reason why.

On Tuesday's The Daily Show, Dinklage recalled eating dinner with Björnsson while shooting, and noted the actor had a voracious appetite.

"I got to eat dinner with him one night in Croatia, and he ordered seven chickens," Dinklage told Jon Stewart.  "He's an amazingly lovely guy. Huge. He lifts stones."

The Mountain delivered one of the most violent kills in the series' history last season when he defeated Oberyn (Pedro Pascal) in a trial by combat. Oberyn fought to save Tyrion from a death sentence during the trial over Joffrey's death. In real life, Björnsson competes in strongman competitions and recently broke a 1,000-year-old Viking weightlifting record.

"I started practicing in Iceland but then did several weeks' worth of training in Ireland and Croatia," Björnsson told The Hollywood Reporter last year following the big fight episode. "Being trained by the swordmaster C.C. Smiff was fantastic but some of the hardest work I've done."

Game of Thrones premieres Sunday at 9 p.m. on HBO. Stay tuned to The Live Feed for much more from Game of Thrones in the coming days.

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