'Game of Thrones' Podcast: A Closer Look at a New Jon Snow Mystery

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[Warning: this story contains spoilers for the sixth episode of Game of Thrones' seventh season, "Beyond the Wall."]

Once upon a time, Jon Snow (Kit Harington) died. When that happened back in season five, fans were left wondering how the betrayed and butchered Lord Commander of the Night's Watch would burst back to life — because, quite clearly, the show was not done with him, not with the whole Targaryen connection still in play.

At the time, a lot of attention centered on Lord Snow's eyes, and whether or not they were changing color to reflect the purple hues of his Targaryen roots. Guilty as charged for helping to push the Valyrian-foil hat theory, and apologies for bringing it up again...but it's worth mentioning, if only because a new Jon Snow eye mystery has recently emerged.

Toward the end of "Beyond the Wall," there's a scene in which Jon springs out from underneath the frozen lake. The camera lingers on Longclaw, Jon's Valyrian sword, until the King in the North bursts out into the air — and in the shot, the all-white eye on Longclaw's direwolf hilt suddenly becomes dilated. What's the deal? For his part, when pressed on the matter, director Alan Taylor disavowed any knowledge of any Longclaw eyeball chicanery: "I had nothing to do with that! Maybe Longclaw is actually magic and just doing something on its own now." 

Is there really nothing more here, other than some inadvertent camera trickery? In the latest episode of their Game of Thrones podcast, Post Show Recaps hosts Rob Cesternino (of Rob Has a Podcast and Survivor fame) and THR's resident Game of Thrones reporter Josh Wigler (that's me!) take a closer look into the eye of this new Jon Snow mystery, and tackle other topics including:

What's comes after Viserion's death

How Jon and his allies can defeat the Night King

Why Beric Dondarrion is still alive

• The timeline of flying from Dragonstone to beyond the Wall

• Arya and Sansa's frustrating feud

• And more!

Listen to the episode in the player below.

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