'Game of Thrones' Podcast: Returning to Daenerys Targaryen's Greatest Triumph

Game of Thrones - And Now His Watch is Ended  -S3 Ep 4 - Publicity-H 2018
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[This story contains full spoilers through seven seasons of HBO's Game of Thrones.]

There's nothing quite like a hot burst of dragon fire to burn away the stink of Qarth.

Our Game of Thrones rewatch podcast, called "Winter Was Here," arrives at one of the seminal moments for Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) this week: "And Now His Watch Is Ended," the fourth episode of the HBO drama's third season. The title refers to the tragic death of Lord Commander Mormont (James Cosmo), but given the incendiary ending, perhaps it would have been more fitting to call this one "Dracarys."

Daenerys utters the Valyrian word at the climax of the most explosive Game of Thrones scene since "Blackwater," as she betrays Kraznys mo Nakloz (Dan Hildebrand), the wicked slaver who rules over the Unsullied. After striking a deal to exchange one very large dragon for the entire Unsullied forces, Dany swiftly commands her new army to kill all of the masters of Astapor. She then issues an order to Drogon: consume Kraznys with a huge heaping throat full of fire. 

Certainly, we can all agree upon the most iconic Daenerys image of the series: emerging from a funeral pyre unburned and covered in dragons at the end of season one. But here's a hot take for an appropriately hot occasion: Daenerys' decisive victory against the Astapor slavers is her best moment of Game of Thrones though this point in the series. It certainly crushes every single scene of hers in season two (if only those memories could be killed with fire as well), and it's easily her cleanest win: sweeping in scope and righteous in its rage. You can prefer Dany's first season finale shocker if you wish, but from this vantage point, the difference between that moment and the "dracarys" of it all is just like the sea standing between Westeros and Essos: narrow.

Here's what else was discussed in this week's episode of the podcast:

• How Varys' (Conleth Hill) origin story likely spells out his future doom;

• The retroactive warning signs of Margaery Tyrell's (Natalie Dormer) own fate;

• Why the Hound's (Rory McCann) sentencing before the Brotherhood Without Banners is so informative of his eventual arc;

• The beginning of Jaime Lannister's (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) redemption story, such as it is;

• An epic final sign-off for Lord Commander Mormont and Craster (Robert Pugh);

• And more!

Listen to the podcast in the player below:

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