'Game of Thrones' Podcast: Will Jon Snow Ever Learn His Secret Origin?

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[Warning: this story contains spoilers for "The Queen's Justice," the third episode of Game of Thrones' seventh season.]

We know something Jon Snow doesn't know — which shouldn't come as a shock, considering he knows nothing.

Ygritteisms aside, Game of Thrones fans were let in on a big secret about the current King in the North at the end of season six: Jon is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, meaning Daenerys' claims about being "the last Targaryen" aren't quite accurate. The show is having fun playing with the audience's awareness of Jon's true origin, what with him saying, "I'm not a Stark," seconds before a dragon literally flies over his head. But is it having too much fun? Are we reaching a point where we should start wondering if Thrones will ever make the fiery truth about Jon Snow's parents more explicit, let alone put the news on his radar?

In the latest episode of its Game of Thrones podcast, Post Show Recaps hosts Rob Cesternino (of Rob Has a Podcast and Survivor fame) and THR's resident Game of Thrones reporter Josh Wigler (that's me!) discuss the possibility that Jon may never learn that he's a Targaryen — and if he does find out the truth, he might not even care. Other topics from their conversation about "The Queen's Justice" include:

• Did Jon and Dany's first meeting live up to the hype?

• The future for Tyrion Lannister, following two separate strategic blunders

• What Melisandre's deadly prophecy means for three different characters

• How Arya Stark's impending arrival at Winterfell will play out next week

• Takeaways from THR's conversation with Jacob Anderson (Grey Worm)

• And more!

Listen to the episode in the player below:

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