'Game of Thrones' Preview: 8 Clues for Episode 5 (Video)

Swords will clash, Dany will plot and Littlefinger will find love.

Game of Thrones threw fans a major curveball last week in an episode that diverged from the books unlike any other before. Are there even more curveballs in store?

Game of Thrones director Michelle MacLaren has shared a few tantalizing bits of information with us, and check out our our theories on what's to come below.

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1. Daenerys is close to going home

Dany asks her closest advisers if her 8,000 Unsullied and 2,000 Second Sons are enough to take King's Landing, indicating she might take her ancestral throne sooner rather than later. The Mother of Dragons has a point. How long can she stay in the East? Her dragons are becoming formidable and she's winning every battle. Why not set her sights on her ultimate goal?

2. Tommen is crowned

The gentler Baratheon brother sits the Iron Throne, and he's already got a potential queen lined up in Margaery.

3. ... if Cersei doesn't nix the idea

The queen regent isn't fond of the Tyrells bringing Tommen into the fold because that would diminish her own power. In the preview, she's shown standing in front of Tommen after he and Margaery exchange a charged look.

4. Lysa is back!

Remember the good old days of season one, back when this woman wanted nothing more than to throw Tyrion out of her moon door? Littlefinger brings her niece Sansa to the Eyrie for refuge, and mad aunt Lysa gives a warm welcome.

5. It gets creepier

Yes, Littlefinger has his eyes on Lysa. If he weds her, he will get the Vale, and for the power-hungry Littlefinger that's more than worth it. Though if you look closely, he doesn't seem to be that into her. (No surprise there.)

6. The Hound gets a taste of Needle

But it doesn't hurt him. He seems quite unfazed when Arya plunges her sword against his armor.

7. Hodor is in trouble

It's bad enough that Bran and his friends are kept prisoner at Craster's keep, but poor Hodor seems to be taking the brunt of their captor's abuse.

8. Jon Snow will have his vengeance

If there's any silver lining to Bran being captured, it's that he may reunite with brother Jon Snow, who is coming to attack his former Night's Watch brothers. Of course this is Game of Thrones, so happy endings are few and far between.

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