'Game of Thrones': 8 Hints About What Comes Next (Video)

Is Tyrion guilty or innocent? Will Jaime go to battle? And how many slaves will join Daenerys' cause?

The last few weeks of Game of Thrones has featured a shocking death and the series' most controversial scene yet. Where can it go after that?

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We've posted a few hints from the episode's writer, Bryan Cogman, and will have a spoiler-filled Q&A with him after the episode airs. Until then, here are our theories based on HBO's latest preview to tide you over.

1. Cersei wants Sansa's head

Cersei (Lena Headey) is still on speaking terms with Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) after last week's disturbing rape scene. "If I told you to leave the capital right now and find Sansa and bring me her head, would you do it?" she asks her bther. This puts Jaime in a tricky situation -- as Jaime previously swore to help Brienne bring the Stark girl to safety.

2. Jaime arms himself

Jaime picks up the Valyrian steel sword Tywin gave him. But what will he use it for? Bran gives us a clue...

3. Will Jaime defend Tyrion?

Jaime is loyal to his family -- even his accused brother. As Bronn (Jerome Flynn) continues to train Jaime, he asks "You gonna fight for him now?" Presumably the "him" here is Tyrion. Though Jaime is far from being in good fighting form, he could conceivably figure out a way to rescue his brother from the dungeons.

4. Tyrion is definitely innocent

We pretty much knew Tyrion was not guilty of Joffrey's death, but Littlefinger (Aidan Gillen) confirms it. He tells Sansa that "he" (Tyrion) had nothing to do with Joffrey's death, but claims Sansa was somehow. How, you ask? It's unclear -- but she was most definitely not a willing participant.

5. Daenerys is out for blood

The Mother of Dragons (Emilia Clarke) will likely kill every last slaver in Meereen. "I will answer injustice with justice," she says.

6. The slaves will revolt

Check out this graffiti on the walls of Meereen: "Kill the masters." Daenerys' propaganda campaign to turn the slaves against their masters is working.

7. Tommen will be startled in his sleep.

It's never a good thing on Thrones when a high-born lad is awoken in his chambers. There's something about this shot that reminds us of the attempt on Bran's life in season one. Could an assassin be out for the future king?

8. Jon Snow is in trouble

Some in the Night's Watch leadership want Jon's (Kit Harington) head. Alliser Thorne (Owen Teale) is one of them, calling Jon a "traitorous bastard" and daring him to give him a reason to harm him.

What do you think will happen in Sunday's episode? Sound off in the comments! And stay tuned to THR.com/GOT for full Game of Thrones coverage.

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