'Game of Thrones' Purple Wedding Episode Breaks Piracy Record

Game of Thrones Gleeson Dormer 402 - H 2014

Game of Thrones Gleeson Dormer 402 - H 2014

HBO's Game of Thrones is at it again -- not just the shocking wedding celebrations, but also the shattered piracy records.

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The second episode of season four, which aired on Sunday, triggered the largest BitTorrent swarm ever, breaking the record for most people sharing a file simultaneously via the system, according to TorrentFreak

Hours after the Purple Wedding episode (actual title: "The Lion and the Rose") became available online, 193,418 people shared one single torrent. Additionally, at the time of the record torrent, 145,594 had a complete copy and continued to upload, while 47,824 were still downloading the file.

The previous record for a BitTorrent swarm was set last year -- by the Game of Thrones season finale -- with 171,572 users.

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With all the additional torrents that were available -- others with tens of thousands of people sharing -- the episode was downloaded approximately 1.5 million times during the first day. That might well hold up as the most downloaded TV episode of 2014 -- even though it's only April -- a title Game of Thrones could take for the third year in a row.

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