'Game of Thrones': Will Littlefinger Turn Sansa Dark?

Game of Thrones S05E03 Sansa Littlefinger - H 2015
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Is Sansa (Sophie Turner) headed down a dark path?

Game of Thrones fans have fretted about Sansa allying herself more closely with the devious Littlefinger (Aidan Gillen), whose list of despicable acts is quite lengthy. (Remember poor Ros, or the less likable Lysa?)

Sansa adopted darker clothes and hair during the tail end of season four, prompting viewers to toss around the phrase "Dark Sansa," and Sunday's episode provided further evidence that she was turning away from the side of good when she rejected Brienne's (Gwendoline Christie) offer of protection.

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But Turner dismisses talk that Sansa is turning dark, saying that she is merely transitioning from pawn to player in the game of thrones.

"When people say 'Dark Sansa,' they think she's going to be bad. But she's still a Stark, you guys. She's not a Lannister," Turner tells The Hollywood Reporter.

In the upcoming episode, Littlefinger, who is ostensibly a Lannister ally but has a much longer game in mind, will provide Sansa a path to avenge the wrongs done to the Starks.

"You loved your family. Avenge them," he says in the trailer.

That could mean bad news for a number of houses. The Lannisters take the, ahem, lion's share of the blame for her family's problems, but there's also the Freys, who hosted the Red Wedding that resulted in the deaths of her brother Robb (Richard Madden) and mother, Catelyn (Michelle Fairley). There's also Roose Bolton (Michael McElhatton), Robb's treacherous bannerman who helped orchestrate the Red Wedding.

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Turner says Sansa has learned from the mistakes of her family — particularly those of her father, Eddard (Sean Bean), whose honor cost him his life.

"Ned Stark got his head chopped off because he was very open about how he didn't like Joffrey and he didn't like the Lannisters," says Turner. "Sansa disguises her true feelings very well."

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