'Game of Thrones' Season 3 Blu-ray Goes in Depth With Diana Rigg (Video)

Fans looking to reacquaint themselves with Game of Thrones ahead of the series' April 6 fourth-season premiere have the latest Blu-ray and DVD releases to look forward to. Out Feb. 18, bonus features include in-depth looks at new characters for the third season.

Diana Rigg, Emmy nominated for her work as Lady Olenna Tyrell, offers a look at the snarky matriarch in the above clip -- reinforcing her alter ego's disinterest in the men of Westeros.

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"She's very forceful," says Rigg. "She doesn't mince her words. She's witty, which is always fun to play … She doesn't think too highly of them -- men in general. She thinks the world would be better if it were run by women."

Among the men Olenna played off of in the third season was Tywin Lannister (Charles Dance). And the actor thinks they have more in common than most on the show.

"I think the audience will see her as the kind of female equivalent of Tywin," says Dance.