'Game of Thrones' Body Count: The Naked and the Dead in Premiere (Video)

Oberyn does the disrobing while Arya and The Hound leave destruction in their wake.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead for Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones, "Two Swords."]

Game of Thrones, famous for its blood and nudity, returned true to form with a soon-to-be classic brothel scene, as well as a tavern brawl that ended with Arya (Maisie Williams) shoving Needle through a man's neck. 

We break it down below.

Naked body count: 2

Newcomer Oberyn Martell (Pedro Pascal) has just arrived in King's Landing, so (naturally) he makes himself acquainted with one of the city's brothels. The character takes objectification to the next level, disrobing two women and discussing their attribute with his paramour. The voracious Oberyn even begins disrobing the young man who is managing the establishment, even though the man isn't a prostitute.

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Pascal tells The Hollywood Reporter shooting the brothel scene wasn't the scariest part of his first day on set, because earlier in the day he'd tackled a key scene for the season: "That was a lot scarier to me than getting naked with a bunch of strangers." (Read the interview here.)

Dead body count: 5 

Arya and The Hound (Rory McCann) dispatch five Lannister men at the end of the episode. It's the first real bloodshed of the season – not counting the dagger Oberyn put through a man's hand in the brothel. It all starts when Arya recognizes Polliver (Andy Kellegher), who in season two murdered her friend Lommy and stole her sword.

Soon the pair learn the men are terrorizing the family that owns the tavern and plan on assaulting the tavern-owner's daughter. The Hound demands an ever-increasing number of chickens from Polliver, who doesn't take kindly to the orders.

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"You gonna die for some chickens," asks Polliver.

"Someone is," says The Hound.

Fighting ensues with The Hound holding his own and Arya delivering fatal blows to two of the men. She especially relishes killing Polliver, reciting what he said to Lommy before he killed the boy.

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