Five 'Game of Thrones' Secrets Revealed In Telltale's Video Game Series

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen's worlds of ice and fire have much more to offer in Telltale's episodic series, concluding this week.
Courtesy of Telltale Games

On Nov. 17, Telltale Games will release the sixth and final episode of its Game of Thrones adaptation, called "The Ice Dragon." Could the ominous title refer to the ancient creature of Westeros lore, only thought of as legend and nothing more? Perhaps — but that's only one of so many possibilities with the epic fantasy game.

Indeed, Telltale's adventure boasts an extraordinary amount of versatility in its story, which is driven by each player's specific set of decisions. Some outcomes are as fixed and unbending as Valyrian steel, where others are much more flexible under pressure.

No matter how the journey shakes out for individual players, Telltale's Thrones still explores the world of the HBO series in rich and revelatory ways, adding new depth to established characters and ongoing lore. Here are some of the biggest ways it opens the story:

1. The Red Wedding was worse than you thought. 
The series opens during the infamous season three incident, depicting the horrific destruction of House Stark's forces from the perspective of the soldiers outside the feast — specifically Gared Tuttle, a Northern squire who helplessly watches his friends and lord die on the battlefield. It's a brutal look at how the most shocking massacre of Thrones impacted more than just the Starks. 

2. The North is in rougher shape than you know.
The Starks aren't the only ones suffering in the northernmost region of Westeros. Telltale's game centers on House Forrester and their home of Ironrath, a smaller stronghold than Winterfell, but one that values iron and ice all the same — except the house is on the cusp of complete destruction thanks to the wicked Ramsay Bolton. Every time you think of Robb and Sansa, just remember that there are other Northerners at the mercy of the flayed men of House Bolton.

3. Daenerys Targaryen isn't always so nice.
The Khaleesi and Mother of Dragons stands out as one of the great heroes of Thrones, but she's much more adversarial in the game. At one point, players assume the role of mercenary Asher Forrester, who begs Dany for soldiers to help save his family in Westeros. Even after Asher helps the Queen take over Meereen, she cancels her commitment over little more than a nitpick. The show has depicted Daenerys as manipulative toward villains when necessary, but it's unsettling to see her applying these tricks toward warriors with noble intentions.

4. There's a new army in Westeros.
Despite Dany refusing his request, Asher manages to recruit Meereenese pit fighters to his cause, bringing them back to the Seven Kingdoms in order to destroy the Boltons. Putting aside the fact that Asher dies shortly thereafter (at least, he can die; players can only save Asher or his brother Rodrik, not both, in the penultimate chapter), these soldiers could prove themselves an unpredictable element whenever Daenerys finally arrives in the Seven Kingdoms.

5. There's more than evil beyond The Wall.
At one point in the series, the aforementioned Gared takes the black and becomes a member of the Night's Watch, but only for a short tour of duty. He eventually abandons his post and travels north of The Wall to find a mysterious location called The North Grove, which contains something powerful enough to aid House Forrester in their fight for liberty — and perhaps powerful enough to benefit Jon Snow and his allies in future seasons of Thrones. We'll find out for sure when "The Ice Dragon" arrives.