'Game of Thrones' Stars Tease "Huge," "Insane" Sixth Season

"It legitimately almost killed us," Emilia Clarke says of filming the latest year of HBO's fantasy epic.
Courtesy of HBO

Three of the most powerful women in the world of ice and fire are speaking out about what to expect in the upcoming sixth season of HBO's Game of Thrones. The short version? Lots of death — just as expected.

That's the word from Emilia Clarke, at least. The erstwhile Queen Daenerys Targaryen said at the SAG Awards over the weekend that season six is so big, that "it legitimately almost killed" the cast and crew: "It is epic. It is huge. It's insane."

Whether or not it almost killed her, star Maisie Williams certainly felt some pain during her work as Arya Stark this year. In season five's finale, Arya became blind, a punishment for deviating from the mysterious House of Black and White's code of conduct. (That's a nicer, less graphic way of describing how Arya killed Meryn Trant, not that he deserves a softened version of events.) Arya's blindness continues in season six, requiring Williams to wear contact lenses to cloud her eyes — an excruciating experience, by the sound of it.

"They're very painful, they're like huge and they're very thick," she told Vulture, adding that the pain actually fueled her performance. "Pretending to be blind is much easier when you actually can’t see anything."

Arya's sister Sansa certainly knows a thing or two about pain, given her past and present relationships with high-powered psychopaths. Unlike Arya, however, it sounds like Sansa's pain is about to cease, or at least subside, according to Sophie Turner.

"It's probably her best season yet," Turner told EW about what's in store for Sansa. "It's her really coming into her own. She, this season, really commands the respect that she deserves and she grabs hold of it and she runs with it and it's really good."

Turner's comments should provide relief for Sansa fans, given the endless array of atrocities Ramsay Bolton committed against the eldest daughter of Eddard Stark last season. In her final moments of season five, Sansa leapt from the towers of Winterfell into a snow bank below, her future far from certain — and while it's still far from certain until the show airs, Turner promised that Sansa is "finally getting that storyline that you've been craving for the past five seasons."

As for Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen)? He, like Sansa, was last seen escaping Winterfell, after three seasons of captivity under Ramsay's influence. It's unclear what will happen to Theon next, but new members of the Pyke prince's family have been cast for the upcoming season, including Danish actor Pilou Asbæk as the enigmatic Euron, Theon's scoundrel of an uncle who supposedly wields a power directly relating to Daenerys and her dragons.

Will Theon and Euron cross paths in season six? Either way, Turner promises big things for fans of the Greyjoy formerly known as Reek: "I'm so excited to see Alfie's [storyline] this season. It's going to be good."

Game of Thrones returns on April 24 on HBO.