'Game of Thrones': Top 5 Memes Focus on Jon Snow's Sex Life

Jon Snow
Oliver Upton

Kit Harington's Jon Snow will move beyond the Wall alongside the Night's Watch.

[Warning: spoilers ahead for those who have not seen the April 28 episode of Game of Thrones.]

Last week Game of Thrones meme-makers put the focus on Daenerys and her bold move. This week, it was all about saying farewell to Jon Snow's (Kit Harington) virginity.

Below, find this week’s top five Game of Thrones memes, and check back next week when The Hollywood Reporter will choose another batch.

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1. Beginners luck? Via Game of Thrones Memes.

Jon broke his vow to never to have a woman when he slept with Ygritte (Rose Leslie). Though he was inexperienced, he improvised some surprisingly effective oral sex tricks. Hence this:

2. Jon's Hidden Talent. Via ohryankelley.

And it just continues from there.

3. An easy sell. Via. You must be ned stark's bastard.

Jon didn't need much convincing to break his sacred oath.

4. Manic Robb via poly-morph.

Last week's episode saw Robb (Richard Madden) lose an incredibly important ally when he executed Lord Karstark (John Stahl). His brilliant plan? Enlist the help of Lord Frey. You know, the guy he scorned by promising to marry one of his daughters and then marrying someone else.

5. Ygritte...have you done something with your hair? Via CheezBurger.

Bonus: Joffrey and Roman Emperor Caligula Look Alike

This isn't really a meme. Just an observation.  There is something about that haircut that just screams "leadership potential."