'Game of Thrones': What if it Was a Buddy Comedy? (Video)

Game of Thrones Episode 7 Still 2011

Game of Thrones Episode 7

The question must have crossed your mind at least once: What if Game of Thrones was a comedy series?

You don't have to wonder anymore. HBO's epic saga of George R.R. Martin's book series has been temporarily turned into a sitcom. The key in turning an otherwise serious fantasy drama into a light romp is to change up the music, have some funny one-liners and there you have it.

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The "comedy" stars Tyrion and Bronn and in another world, it might have been called One and a Half Man.

Game of Thrones ends its first season this weekend and production begins on Season 2 on July 25 (right after San Diego's Comic-Con finishes), but don't let that deter you from wondering, "What if ...?"

Check it out:

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