'Game of Thrones' Writer: Sunday's Episode 'Most Difficult' I've Ever Done

Bryan Cogman teases that one of the aspirants to the Iron Throne will have the opportunity to decide what kind of leader they'd like to become.
Macall B. Polay/HBO

The Purple Wedding is over and lines are being drawn in the sand on Game of Thrones.

Writer Bryan Cogman tells The Hollywood Reporter Sunday's upcoming episode was incredibly challenging to crack.

"It's the most difficult episode I've written," he says. He adds that for one of the aspiring rulers of Westeros, the episode presents them with an opportunity to decide what type of leader they would like to become.

That's about all he can reveal for now. We'll have a spoiler-filled Q&A with Cogman following Sunday's episode, in which he'll go into detail about its most talked-about scenes.

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Cogman has scripted some of the series most-discussed scenes to date, so the fact that this episode was the toughest he's faced has us intrigued. Among the key scenes Cogman previously scripted are the bathtub scene between Jaime and Brienne last season, and season one's introduction to Sam.

For more from the upcoming episode, read our dissection of the above preview here, and see our rankings of where each character stands going into Sunday.

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