'GCB's' Mark Deklin, Miriam Shor on Their 'White Marriage,' Babies and Whether Blake Will Ever Come Out (Video)

While Modern Family was honored at the Los Angeles GLAAD Media Awards on Saturday, actors from another ABC comedy were also (fittingly) in attendance.

GCB stars Mark Deklin and Miriam Shor play a happily married Christian couple on the hit freshman series. But in an unusual twist, Deklin's character Blake is gay and his wife Cricket, played a Shor, is fully aware -- an arrangement referred to as a "white marriage."

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The Hollywood Reporter spoke with the duo at the annual awards ceremony, where they addressed whether or not Blake should ever come out of the closet and how the LGBT community has embraced their on-screen relationship.

"People ask me, 'Is Blake ever going to come out?' and I have mixed feelings about it," Deklin told THR. "In terms of my own beliefs, I'd like to see anybody who's in the closet come out and feel free to do that. At the same time, I love [Blake and Cricket's] relationship so much, that I kind of don't want him to."

"If he ever does, it [would be] interesting to me to see how the various people in the community would react," he continued. "I have this notion, it would be neat to see someone like Rip, David James Elliott's character, you would think he would be Mr. Big Old Homophobe, but it'd be really cool to see him come out and stand up with his buddy."

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Shor said she wasn't initially certain how gay and lesbian viewers would feel about the couple's unconventional relationship, but was pleasantly surprised by an outpouring of support.

"I think what's appreciated is the complexity of their relationship and the honesty and the real love that's between the two characters," Shor said. "They're in a society where nobody can be themselves, nobody, and within that they have found a true friendship, and people are responding to that."

"Especially with a woman who you would think would be so closed minded," she added, "it turns out that this is one area where she is quite open and loving."

"I think it makes this character just blossom," Deklin offered. "This hilarious, smart, hard-as-nails woman suddenly becomes this truly three dimensional, blossoming flower, I think. And I love being a part of that."

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Deklin also said that even though his character is closeted, Blake offers an important lesson on behalf of the LGBT community: Sterotypes are not everything.

"I think another thing that our relationship shows is that, because it's under wraps -- it's on the DL, there are no stereotypes being presented," he explained. "So in a way, what we're also saying is that it's not always that obvious. It's not always like, 'Oh there's a gay guy. He's not like me.' In other words, no, the neighbor, the cowboy, the tough guy with the perfect marriage -- hey guess what? He's gay too."

In a recent storyline, Blake and Cricket struggled with the idea of having another baby together. The couple weighed the various options, including surrogacy and, well, the old fashioned way.

"I think we're gonna see a baby," Deklin teased, while Shor added: "It would be fun to see a baby in that world, because that just throws you for a loop."

Watch THR's full interview with Deklin and Shor in the video above, in which the actors also joke about GOP Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich, who recently slammed the ABC show as a "bias of elite media."