'GCB' Guest Star Grant Bowler Says His Character Gets Cricket's 'Motor Running'

Grant Bowler Miriam Shor GCB 2012
Eric McCandless/ABC

True Blood and Ugly Betty alum Grant Bowler makes his return to ABC in a recurring guest role on GCB’s final two episodes. And it sounds like his character, businessman Mason Massey, finds some cracks in Cricket (Miriam Shor) and her gay husband Blake’s (Mark Deklin) “white marriage.”

“Cricket definitely winds up being the cat on a hot tin roof,” Bowler tells The Hollywood Reporter. “She’s got this character I’m playing chasing her around pretty hard. The ‘white marriage’ thing is all very well and good, but it makes it a lot easier for that third party to come in and upset the applecart.”

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THR spoke with Bowler about how his character poses some problems for Cricket, his time on-set and a coincidental True Blood reunion.

The Hollywood Reporter: How difficult was it to work around all the lovely ladies of GCB?
Grant Bowler:
It’s a very attractive cast – both male and female. I think everyone at GCB were certainly threatening in their goodlooking-ness.

THR: What was it like taking part in the show’s over-the-top style?
Like with Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty, GCB puts it all out there. I was lucky enough to have [director] Victor Nelli, Jr helming while I was there. Victor and I did a lot of Ugly Betty together and he’s not shy putting it on-screen. And GCB definitely has that wonderful kind of all upfront, all out there over the top kind of flavor that makes it so much fun, you know? They’ve got some incredible actors on there and it’s a lot of fun. It’s hard to call it work. And I just love that sort of romantic comedy romantic love triangle thing. It’s so much fun to play and Miriam? She’s fantastic.

THR: What’s the draw of your character for Cricket?
Miriam’s character is very used to running the show and getting things her own way and kind of being the power broker in business situations. So, of course, he’s a match. He’s a guy who’s self-made and very down to earth and a lot less refined than a lot of the guys she’s accustomed to. And, he kinds of gets her motor running a little more.

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THR: Did you share any scenes with Mark Deklin? If so, what was that like?
Bowler: The “measure up” scene in which the two guys meet was bound to happen, when you get a second to really get a look at each other. Of course, when my character turns up, he doesn’t know where the ground lies. So, that’s unfolding too and a process to figure out what’s going on. As far as my character saw it, she seems altogether too available to be someone in a marriage and I think he’s kind of curious about that and trying to tease it out for himself.

THR: It just so happens that you appear in the same episode as another True Blood alum, Kevin Alejandro. What was that like?
We keep doing it. I keep bumping in to my True Blood alumni. We seem to be spiraling right out across everything. It’s always good to catch up. I think HBO shows in general, you work such long hours and you shoot so intensely that you really become like a family. It was incredible to see Kevin. It was fantastic to turn up and there he was. He’s another one that isn’t hard on the eye and he probably has the coolest name of anyone in the industry. I want to be renamed Kevin Alejandro.

Watch Bowler's character, Mason, test the waters with Cricket in the preview below.

GCB airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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