George Lopez to Tackle Divorce, Parenting and Family Woes with FX's 'Saint George'

“George on the show, much like myself, has issues,” Lopez says of his new, semi-autobiographical sitcom.
Byron Cohen/FX

George Lopez is returning to the world of sitcoms.

After taking a break from the small screen following six seasons of his self-titled ABC series, the actor-comedian will once again play himself in what he dubs "an edgier" sitcom, Saint GeorgeThe half-hour, multi-camera FX series, co-created by Lopez, David McFadzean and Matt Williams, follows the life of Lopez as a successful Mexican-American entrepreneur with a host of relationship issues. 

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In a conference call with TV writers Monday, Lopez revealed that he decided to come back to television after working on the movie The Spy Next Door with Jackie Chan in New Mexico. "Half of my trailer was warm, and half of it was cold, but the cold part was the part I got dressed in," said Lopez. "While I was waiting for Jackie Chan to beat 15 guys up in a warehouse, I decided that maybe waiting around in a trailer wasn't particularly good for me… I decided that I always liked TV."

The show is Debmar-Mercury's newest 10/90 model comedy, meaning if it meets the ratings threshold during its 10-episode run it’ll get an additional 90-episode pickup. Each of the 10 episodes focuses on a different topic -- "almost like 10 different pilots," he explained.

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The on-screen conflicts will often mirror those in Lopez's off-screen life, though it's not clear yet if his Feb. 27 arrest for public intoxication will become a storyline. His character struggles to recover from a divorce from his all-American Anglo ex-wife (Jenn Lyon), mend his strained relationship with his son (Kaden Gibson) and survive the pressures of his overbearing mother (Olga Merediz).

"George on the show, much like myself, has issues... I didn't have much success with white women in my life -- or with any women in my life, to be honest with you," Lopez admitted, "but that's what makes Saint George great, I will explore my imperfections, which should probably take me past the 90 [episodes]."

He suggests some of his family and friends have been less than impressed with how their characters are portrayed on screen, but Lopez remains unapologetic about pulling from his real life. "There's not going to be a lot of things that I say about people in my private life that are not going to upset [them]," he said. "But also, it's what has driven me from the time that I first stepped on stage in 1979."

Saint George premieres Thursday, March 6 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on FX.