George R.R. Martin Meets Taylor Swift in Parody Mashup (Video)

GRRM Parody - H 2015

Here's a question people weren't asking until today: is Taylor Swift the Daenerys of the Westeros? 

A new Nerdist video, which parodies Swift's "Blank Space," imagines what Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin would sing about if he were a pop star. Killing Sean Bean, cutting off sword hands and (of course) nudity are all there.

The video was shot last week over 12 hours at "a weird castle mansion in Hollywood," says Nick Mundy, the comedian who stars as Martin.

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"He's just the most excited guy in the world about what he's doing. So that's kind of the approach I took," Mundy tells The Hollywood Reporter of crafting the parody version of Martin. "He's killing everyone and has brothers banging sisters and stuff, but he's just the most excited guy in the world."

The video was directed by Andrew Bowser and Ben Mekler. Freddy Scott served as composer and songwriter, with the video also starring Emily Rudd as Daenerys and Brandon Hillcock as Jon Snow. In addition to launching the Martin video, Mundy appeared on Conan this week.

Thrones has inspired numerous parodies, with Fox's Bob's Burgers taking on the popular property in Sunday's episode. Martin is currently working on the sixth novel in his A Song of Ice and Fire series. Game of Thrones returns to HBO for season five on April 12.

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