'Gilmore Girls' "Epic" Final Four Words: Cast Shares Their Predictions

Gilmore Girls - Meeting- Still 1 - Publicity-H 2016
Saeed Adyani/Netflix

When Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life arrives Friday on Netflix, one of the show's biggest mysteries will finally be solved.

Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino long ago revealed that she had thought up the final four words she wanted the series to end on. However, when she and her husband, executive producer Dan Palladino, abruptly exited the series at the end of season six, Sherman-Palladino walked away from the chance to end the series on her own terms, as the series would be canceled the following year after production had already wrapped on the final episode.

In the years since, Sherman-Palladino never publicly divulged her dream ending on the off chance she would get to put those four words to good use. Nine years later, that long-awaited dialogue will be heard in the fourth and final chapter of the revival, titled "Fall."

"They're so epic and beautiful," Liza Weil told The Hollywood Reporter at Friday's premiere. "I think it's worth the wait."

With just days to go before the revival's release, THR asked the cast to offer their best (and craziest) guesses for the final words:

Vanessa Marano (April Nardini): "Mom, I'm pregnant – psych."

Mike Gandolfi (Andrew): "Rosebud was a sled."

Rini Bell (Lulu): "Bring me more coffee."

David Sutcliffe (Christopher Hayden): "The aliens are here."

Keiko Agena (Lane Kim): "'It is tomato pie' – that's what I'm sure its not."

Rose Abdoo (Gypsy): "Bring back more Gypsy."

Sean Gunn (Kirk Gleason): "Luke, you're my father."

John Cabrera (Brian Fuller): "I have no idea and I won't even speculate. I don't even want to speculate. I don't think that the fans should even speculate. They should just enjoy when it happens."

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premieres Nov. 25 on Netflix.