'Gilmore Girls': 9 Big Takeaways From the Netflix Revival Trailer

Returning favorites Melissa McCarthy, Jared Padalecki, Matt Czuchry and many more appear for the first time in the new video.

It may not be free coffee, but this might just be an upgrade.

With a month to go before the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premieres on Netflix, the streamer dropped the first official trailer for the four-part series and it did not disappoint.

The new footage contains tons of juicy new intel as to where the new 90-minute episodes find Lorelai, Rory & Co., as well as a long list of returning faces. To better break down all the reveals, The Hollywood Reporter took a deep dive into the more than two-minute clip to see just what's changed, and what hasn't, since viewers last got to visit Stars Hollow.

1. Rory Is Living a "Vagabond Existence"

And those words have a particular sting when they're coming from Emily Gilmore. Last viewers saw Rory, she was off to cover then-Senator Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign for an internet site. Now, as she says herself, she's has no job, no credit and "no underwear," as she tells her ex-boyfriend, Jess (!). Yes, for all of his faults, he manages to give Rory some very uplifting words of encouragement. Although she takes about "feeling very lost," at other times in the clip Rory seems to embrace this very different lifestyle choice. "This is my time to be rootless," she tells Lorelai at another point. There are also shots of London and, possibly, New York dispersed in the trailer.

2. Yes, Everyone Is Really Back

Speaking of Jess, he's far from the only fan favorite that pops up in the new trailer. While episodic photos have given viewers a sneak peek at Milo Ventimiglia's return as Jess, Keiko Agena's return as her BFF Lane and even town favorites like Patty, Babette and Lane's mom, Mrs. Kim, the new footage welcomes a plethora of familiar faces. Dean (Jared Padalecki) pops up at Luke's Diner, looking better than ever. Logan (Matt Czuchry) also appears, with that sly smile viewers know all too well. Taylor (Michael Winters) makes an appearance bossing everyone around as always, and Michel (Yanic Truesdale) also chimes in with a memorable one-liner. And yes, after months of will-she-or-won't-she ponderings, Melissa McCarthy reprises her role as Sookie, making a mess in the Dragonfly Inn kitchen and everything in the world is just as it should be. Which brings us to …

3. Kirk Makes an Appearance at Emily's House

This is not a joke. This is not a test. He appears sitting next to Lorelai at the dinner table — is it Friday? Very well could be! — and even Emily is unsure why he's in her house. "Explain to me again who that person is," she asks Lorelai. Uh, that's one going to take awhile … (Update: Actor Sean Gunn later confirmed on Twitter that Kirk is indeed over at the Gilmore house for Friday Night Dinner. The reason why remains a mystery.)

4. Lorelai Is Also in a Tough Spot

While her love life was left up in the air when the original series ended its run, her work and home life seem to be pretty settled at the Dragonfly Inn in Stars Hollow. However, in the new clip, she's seen hiking alone — um, yeah, we didn't take Lorelai to be much of a hiker either — and seems a bit lost herself, just like Rory. "I thought I knew exactly what I wanted, where I was going, but lately, I don't know, things seems hazier." Which also leads to …

5. She and Luke Are Together, But …

When discussing how things in her life are starting to feel "hazier," this unfortunately also seems to apply to her relationship status with Luke. "We're happy," she tells someone at the Inn. "Luke and I are happy." (Her lackluster delivery raises a ton of red flags.)

6. Return to Chilton

Many of the beloved locales from the original series — Luke's Dinner, Emily and Richard's House, the Dragonfly Inn — appear largely the same, even Chilton, which Rory visits at one point. (We'd recognize those uniforms anywhere.) However, there are some notable differences as well. For one, Lorelai totally redid her kitchen. Does that mean Luke lives there now? Because who else would want to put the money into redoing a kitchen that is only used to store frozen tater tots and leftover pizza? Which also brings up …

7. The Gilmore Diet, and Banter, Is Alive and Well

At one point, in this gorgeous new kitchen, Luke tries to scold Rory from eating a mini-donut shortly after arguing with Lorelai about frozen tater tots. Their rapid-fire debate style also has a familiar ring for loyal viewers, who won't be disappointed by the many pop culture references in the trailer. (Sorry, #Batfleck fans.)

8. Grab the Tissues

For all of the comedy and witty dialogue, the trailer is also incredibly emotional because of the death of patriarch Richard Gilmore (Edward Herrmann, who portrayed him, died in late 2014). The trailer features one particularly touching scene in which a tearful Rory and Lorelai are at Richard's funeral overlooking Emily as she stands in front of his casket.

9. Emily's New Chapter

Many of the most moving moments in the trailer belong to Kelly Bishop, who steps gracefully back into the expensive shoes of Emily Gilmore right as Emily is grappling with her life after her husband's death. "I don't know how to do this," she says. "I was married for 50 years. Half of me is gone." She copes with his death in different ways, at one point mounting a huge portrait of him in the living room — "It's the whole wall," Rory says in shock. At other times, she struggles more, such as when she decides she wants to de-clutter her life and get rid of her beautiful dining room chairs and gorgeous evening dresses because they no longer bring her joy. The biggest shocker? Emily is wearing a Y-shirt when she goes on this cleaning spree. Emily Gilmore. In a T-shirt.

As Taylor says in the trailer, "Wow, are we excited about this?" Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life drops Nov. 25 on Netlfix.

Check out the trailer below: