Extended 'Girls' Promo Offers More on Marnie's Affair, Shoshanna's Job Search

Girls Season 4 Teaser - H 2014

Girls Season 4 Teaser - H 2014

HBO has released an extended behind-the-scenes video of Girls' upcoming fourth season, offering a longer look at and explanation of Marnie and Shoshanna's storylines.

With respect to Marnie, Girls fans get a few more shots of her navigating an affair with her not-so-single musical partner Desi, and actress Allison Williams indicates that the couple will release an album, which she jokes will be a smash hit.

Girls creator and co-showrunner Lena Dunham also explains a bit more about how her dating a man with a girlfriend fits in with Marnie's proper persona.

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"She's very self-assured, she's very set in her ways, but there's also this part of her that just wants love at all costs and is desperately insecure and it causes her to act in some really unsavory ways," Dunham says of Marnie. "She'll sleep with someone else's boyfriend, she'll lie, all to kind of fill this need of hers, and we're really interested in exploring that that doesn't make her a bad person. She's not a monster. She's not the terrible other woman in a romance novel, she's a really hurt, broken girl, so she's making these choices that can seem from an outsider's prospective incredibly destructive but they're definitely motivated by her own fear."

Meanwhile, the newly out-of-college Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) finds herself frustrated in the same way many recent graduates do, having spent four years studying and working hard to land a prestigious job only to find there aren't any opportunities for her.

But she channels this energy into supporting her ex-boyfriend Ray (Alex Karpovsky), with whom she's become friends, to achieve his goals, which seem to include running for political office.

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"For a long time he's been listless and kind of rudderless and through his relationship with Shoshanna more than anybody else, that sort of energy and uncertainty has been funneled into a specific place," Karpovsky says of Ray's storyline.

The video also provides some making-of details for an unscripted backflip off a couch that Hannah performs and her Jell-O-wrestling scene, which was filmed in cold weather.

Watch the full video below.