'Girls' Preview: Jessa Meets Her In-Laws (Video)

Girls Jemima Kirke Lena Dunham Still - H 2012
Jojo Whilden/HBO

Girls Jemima Kirke Lena Dunham Still - H 2012

On last week's Girls, Hannah embarked upon a cocaine-fueled, not-so-magical-mystery-tour of Manhattan -- all in the name of (web) journalism.

In this preview of episode four, Jessa (Jemima Kirke) finally meets the parents of husband Thomas-John (Chris O'Dowd), whom she married in a fit of impulsivity at the end of season one.

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The two seem to be getting along pretty well so far, indulging in matching tiger tattoos and baskets of puppies in what would seem to be the exhilarating first-half of a shared, bipolar roller coaster ride.

In this clip, the happily unhinged couple meet up with Thomas-Jane's mother and father, where Jessa is every bit the socially inept libertine we know and -- in Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's case, at least -- tolerate.