'Girls' Season 3 Premiere Episodes Available on YouTube

The HBO dramedy returns to the video platform that also streamed its pilot on the heels of its Snapchat partnership.
Jessica Miglio/HBO

For those whose television schedule made them choose between watching the Golden Globes and Girls' season three premiere on Sunday night, the HBO dramedy has released the first two episodes of its latest season on YouTube.

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The two half-hour episodes of Lena Dunham's show were available on the video platform as of Monday morning, twelve hours after the show's East Coast airtime.

The complimentary viewing option parallels the show's initial premiere in April 2012, which was also available on YouTube (as mature content) for those not subscribed to HBO GO, the channel's online streaming service. To promote its upcoming season, Girls branched out to niche platforms like Snapchat and even creatively recapped character arcs solely via Emoji on its Facebook page.

"For us, this is an increasingly challenging demographic to reach with traditional means," Sabrina Caluori, HBO's vp social media and marketing, told Mashable.

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After teasing the news beforehand, Girls announced the episodes' availability through its Twitter account:

Watch the first two episodes of season three here and here.

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