'Girls' Season 4 Preview: Four Things You Need to Know

Girls Season 4 Teaser - H 2014

Girls Season 4 Teaser - H 2014

Girls previously teased its fourth season with a short trailer consisting of Lena Dunham's Hannah riding and falling off of a bike.

But the HBO series has now released a far more detailed look at its upcoming fourth season, courtesy of a featurette with clips from the new episodes, interviews with cast members and behind-the-scenes shots.

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Continuing to follow Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna as they grow up, this season involves the girls "making smarter life choices and realizing that life is still hard," Dunham says. The preview also includes brief glimpses of guest stars Zachary Quinto and Gillian Jacobs.

Here are four more things learned from Girls' latest preview.

1. Hannah goes to the Iowa Writers' Workshop, but she may leave Adam behind

Previous reports, including photos and videos of season four being filmed, have indicated that Hannah is indeed going to the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop. She found out that she was admitted at the end of last season, and it seems her relationship with Adam might not survive her move. "She is in love with Adam and feels afraid about what will happen to their relationship if she leaves," Dunham says of Hannah in the HBO preview. "It turns out she's justified in that fear, and I'm not going to say that she handles it maturely." As Dunham says this, a behind-the-scenes clip shows Hannah flipping someone off and cursing them out.

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2. Marnie is "singing embarrassing songs" and having "an affair" with Desi

Allison Williams indicates that Marnie has continued the relationship that she started at the end of season three with her musical partner Desi, saying, "It's an affair! He still has a girlfriend." The two are still performing music together as well, with one scene showing Marnie offering to "skat" or "rap" at a cafe. "We've tried to take it to a new notch with Marnie singing embarrassing songs in public places," Dunham adds.

3. Viewers will meet Shoshanna's parents

"I sort of just always imagined that she just came out of a seashell or a pea pod or something," Zosia Mamet says of her ditzy character.

But in season four, viewers will see where Shoshanna comes from, and it doesn't seem like the happiest family.

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"They hate each other," Mamet says of Shoshanna's parents.

While her dad isn't shown in the preview, it looks like Shoshanna's mom will be played by a blonde Ana Gasteyer.

4. More of the truth about Jessa emerges

"She thinks of herself as someone who's had a lot of experiences and been outside the box a little bit so she has a bit of introspection on these things, but she doesn't really," Jemima Kirke says of Jessa.

Watch Girls' season-four preview below.