'Girls' Star Allison Williams Imagines Own Death on 'Jimmy Kimmel' (Video)

2012-13 REP Allison Williams P

Watching sex scenes with your parents is cringe-worthy enough. But imagine you're appearing in them, and your dad is stoic NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams. That was the scene at the Williams house recently when Allison, 23, screened her upcoming HBO series "Girls" for her family.

Girls' Allison Williams sometimes thinks about how her famous father, NBC News anchor Brian Williams, might respond on the air in the event of her untimely death.

The actress confessed on Wednesday's edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live that she envisions her demise via plane crash. Her dad "would pause and just sort of look down and say, 'She will be missed. We'll be right back with more news on how you can save on your heart medication.'"

Williams -- who's currently guest starring on Fox's The Mindy Project as a love interest for Dr. Castellano (Chris Messina) in addition to her role as Marnie on Girls -- says the Rock Center newsman is more plugged-in than she in terms of pop culture.

"He's been eight months ahead of me, music-wise, forever! He introduced me to Hanson," she recalls.

(No word on whether Lena Dunham intends to move forward with plans to make the TV journalist even "more uncomfortable" watching Girls' racy sex scenes.)