Giuliana Rancic Will Return to Work 'Next Week,' Says Husband (Video)

The E! News host underwent a double lumpectomy on Tuesday, Oct. 18 to treat her recent breast cancer diagnosis.
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Just one week after revealing her surprising breast cancer diagnosis, Giuliana Rancic hopes to be back to business as usual.

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The E! News host made the announcement Monday, Oct. 17 on the Today show, and underwent a double lumpectomy the next day. On Thursday, husband Bill Rancic appeared on the NBC program to give an update on his wife’s health and announced that she would be returning to work next week.  
“She’s a trooper. She pulled through it and was kind of relieved to get it over with and get the cancer out,” he said. “She’s doing well at home recovering.”

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“We’re viewing this as a gift,” Bill said, explaining that the early and accidental detection could have saved his wife’s life. Following her surgery, Giuliana will undergo radiation therapy and “kick of 2012 with a new outlook on life,” he added.
“She’s excited, she’s gonna go back to work next week, God willing and she’s really viewing life a little bit differently,” he said. “It’s funny when you go through a situation like this it kind of turns the volume down on the things that aren’t really that important.”

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Watch Bill’s full interview in the video below, in which he also discusses their future child and how fans have responded on Twitter.

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