'Glee' Cast Shares Their Souvenirs From the Set

Who went home with a couch?!
Tyler Golden/FOX

Following six seasons of heartfelt musical covers and the loss of a beloved friend and leading man, the stars of Glee will officially say farewell to the Fox musical when the series wraps up its run Friday with a conclusion that will leave diehard Gleeks and returning fans alike misty-eyed.

Friday's two-hour finale comes weeks after the cast and creators officially said their farewells when they left the show's Hollywood soundstage for good with pieces of the series as lifelong keepsakes of a show that was a worldwide phenomenon.

Producers let the stars have their pick of the set, with leading lady Lea Michele (Rachel) tweeting a touching farewell of her keepsake — Finn (gone but not forgotten star Cory Monteith's) framed McKinley High football jersey.

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"[Friend and returning guest star] Jonathan Groff took that picture," said Michele, who called "Don't Stop Believin' " from the Glee pilot her favorite music performance. "Over the past two years, we've all been able to take things that meant something to us and that was always very special to me. I'm glad that they allowed me to keep it. Glee means the world to me; to try and put it all in one little sentence is too difficult."

Here are the keepsakes the cast kept from the set:

Jane Lynch (Sue)
"I kept three tracksuits. So fitting because I'm the only one who fits in them!" she joked, noting that they'll all likely go to support charities the actress is passionate about.  

Darren Criss (Blaine)
"On the last day, Chord Overstreet and I were walking out, and we took some of the trophies out of the case. I have McKinley High 2002 speech-and-debate trophy as a bookend in my house," Criss told THR. "Chord and I literally ripped pieces of the wall out. The soundproofing behind the choir room, which is this red Styrofoam — we took tiles of that off and added that to our own respective home studios. It's red and I know exactly where it's from. I've been waiting forever to take Figgins' couch. It's this beautiful green leather couch that I took many naps on. That office is where me, Mark Salling, Cory and Chord would hang out. I have a lot of fond memories of that couch. And last but not least, I took the Warbler jacket. No one was taking that but me."

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Amber Riley (Mercedes)
"I kept my Chucks from 'Don't Stop Believin' ' and some other things I don't want to reveal because if they find they're missing, I don't want them coming for me!" she said.

Chord Overstreet (Sam)
"I took some stuff from the locker room, some trophies, some photos from the choir room and some clothing items from certain numbers," he said. "[That includes] the gold hot pants from Rocky Horror — and a letterman jacket."  

Dot Marie Jones (Sheldon)
"They let me take Sheldon's championship ring with a big blue sapphire in it. It's awesome," she says.

Mark Salling (Puck)
"I took a plaque that had Cory's picture on it and put it above my piano. I think that's a fitting spot," he said.

Glee's series finale airs Friday at 8 p.m. on Fox. Stay tuned to The Live Feed for more coverage.

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