'Glee's' Cory Monteith: Finn Would Be Torn as a Soldier

Cory Monteith Glee Episodic Still - H 2011

Cory Monteith Glee Episodic Still - H 2011

Glee's Finn Hudson could be hearing the military commands associated with boot camp when Season 4 of the Fox series returns -- but at the same time, the McKinley High graduate has just as much going for him outside of the Army according to Cory Monteith.

During May's emotional season finale, Monteith's good guy ensured Rachel (Lea Michele) followed her Broadway dreams and delivered her to a train bound for the East Coast, revealing that he'd opted to honor the memory of his late father and enlist in the Army. It was a heartbreaking scene to Gleeks near and far and one that the actor says made sense for his character.

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"Given his history and his relationship with his late father, it didn't completely surprise me," Monteith tells The Hollywood Reporter, noting he first found out about it halfway through the season.

After Finn and Kurt (Chris Colfer) were both denied entrance into the New York schools of their dreams (the Actors Studio and NYADA, respectively), Monteith -- who is signed on for Season 4 and hopes to film "a lot" of episodes -- notes that he's ready to do what ever Glee co-creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk come up with, whether it's boot camp or not.

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"Finn would make a good soldier but I think he's still got a lot to think about -- he still has a lot going for him outside of the Army," he says. "His heart is still with Rachel and I think he has a lot of reasons to not be in the Army as well. I think he'd be torn as a soldier."

After the couple fought tooth and nail to find their way back to each other, Monteith agrees with Michele that Rachel and Finn as a couple is part of the show's "long-term trajectory" in the same way that Felicity's Ben and Felicity as well as Friends' Ross and Rachel were part of their respective shows.

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"I think [viewers] should root for the couple to reunite," he says. "I hope when we look back at it, they will be a legendary couple in television."

Glee's fourth season begins in September. What are you most looking forward to seeing? 

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